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Winter Color Palettes



Wedding Color Palette this Winter Season 2015!

Selecting a color palette for the wedding is as difficult as selecting a candy from the box of candies is; you want to have them all but that’s just not possible! Anyways it’s a necessity, no matter how much it confuses you. After all, colors bring in a whole new life and look to the whole event. Mentioned below are a few color combinations that might turn out to  be your pick for the Day:

Silver+ White+ Crystal

The color combination will align amiably with the snowflakes and ice that is visible just outside the wedding hall. The silver hue can further be used with those extra glitters to add sparkle to the event. Furthermore, white wedding cake painted with those glitters is going to look so yummy and delectable! And for the wedding cards, since it’s a winter wedding of course it is going to be indoors so a formal and graceful wedding card shall remain your pick. “Silver +White+ Crystal” will definitely be an ultimate analogue of elegance!


Silver White Wedding Palette-A2zWeddingCards

Red+ Green

For me winter = The Christmas Season! Add the look-feel of the holiday time by incorporating red and green into your wedding color palette. The decors jazzed up in the playful color combination are going to be an eye catching part of the wedding for sure. Illuminate each and every corner of the premises in the shades of red and green including the centerpieces, favors, tables, lightning and those beautiful lanterns! Dress them all in the stunning color palette and welcome your guests to the Wintry Christmas wedding.


Red Green Wedding Color Palette-A2zWeddingCards



Orange+ Aqua

The modish and chic couple is surely going to get attention from this cool color combination. Everything including the wedding cards, wedding accessories, footwear is going to look so classy. I can’t wait to see the stylish bride dressed up with the orange bouquet, accessories and footwear in frisky tinctures of orange! Also the wedding cake will look superb with orange topping and aqua base.


Orange Aqua Wedding Palette-A2zWeddingCards

Raspberry+ Chocolate+ Burgundy

Add colorful accent to your wedding day with the classic colors that reflects the joys in your wedding. The colors will lend you a great scope to experiment. Deck up the wedding hall in the palpable shades of raspberry, chocolate and burgundy and keep your ears alert and steady to hear the praises of your guests.  Decorate the aisle beautifully in the shades to magnify the bride’s pride as she walks down.

Raspberry Chocolate Burgundy Wedding Palette-A2zWeddingCards


Gold+ Silver+ Copper

If you love aristocracy, you will surely love this color palette! Incorporate precious metals into your wedding theme and broadcast your royal wedding. Start from the wedding invitation; send Unique wedding invitations decked out in gold, silver and copper to your kith and kin and assert your majestic choice in front of everyone.  Golden footwear, headpiece, copper brooch bouquet, silver-golden wedding cake, each and every element is sure to look splendid!

Winter themselves are truly romantic and the magic of colors further exhilarate the romance. A wisely selected color palette can imbibe love into any ambiance.


Gold Silver Copper Wedding Color Palette-A2zWeddingCards

So which color palette are you planning to welcome in your wedding this winter?


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