We heard from Choice Entertainment, who gave us their list of “16 Ways Your Wedding Could Get Awkward,” all because you chose the wrong DJ for your wedding! Take the options seriously, and make sure these don’t happen to you!

Awkward Weddings
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#1 Up the contract creek without a paddle:  Avoid any wedding vendor who does not have a thorough contract protecting YOU from their incompetence.

#2 The cheap or free DJ/MC ‘friend’ who makes a mess of your wedding: Avoid hiring friends and family, period.  Gracious DJ/MCing is a complicated art/science/business, and is a crucial, integral part of your wedding budget.

#3 Cell phones going off during your ceremony:  Make sure your MC politely asks guests to mute phones before the ceremony.

#4 Guests not being able to hear your vows:  Avoid a ceremony your guests can’t hear by hiring a pro to provide sound.

#5 The rainy, muddy, cold, hot, or otherwise awkward ceremony:  Avoid a weather disaster by having a “Plan B” for your ceremony!

#6 Misinterpretation of your desires:  Avoid “vendor disconnect” by making sure all key professionals communicate the ENTIRE wedding schedule and plan (preferably in person) well in advance of your big day.

#7 Late for your own party:  Avoid arriving late for your reception by discussing the post-ceremony pictures and the set time allowed for them with your photographer.  Also, avoid confusing delays for your wedding party intros by making sure everyone involved gets detailed instructions at your rehearsal dinner.

#8 The Embarrassing DJ Show:  Avoid hiring a DJ who thinks your reception is all about his “show”, and not about your celebration.

#8.5 The Drunk & Embarrassing DJ Show:  Avoid a DJ who says he parties right along with your guests.  This is code for, “I drink right along with your guests”.

#9 Sucking the joy out of the party:  Avoid interrupting the flow of energy at your reception by planning group photographs for cocktail and dinner hour.  Nothing kills a party like 20 minutes of group photographs as the DJ calls different groups to pose and act like they’re having fun for pictures, when they aren’t!

#10 The long and embarrassing speech:  Avoid stream of consciousness, potentially hazardous speeches and toasts by making sure all speakers know your desires to plan ahead and keep it brief.  Make sure your DJ knows who the ‘wild ones’ are so as not to give them a microphone!

#11 Choppy flow of events:  Avoid a hap-hazardous timeline by spreading traditional elements of your reception sensibly throughout the celebration.  A good MC knows how to do this well!

#12 Unprepared, awkward moments:  Avoid these by hiring an MC that ensures things are staged before he or she announces it’s time do anything.

#13 Alienation of your guests:  Avoid a song list that does not give EVERYONE a chance to get their groove on!

#14 Egomaniac DJs:  Avoid a DJ who wants to talk about his awesome sound system, how many songs he has on his hard drive, or how he controls crowds with his Magnetic Personality.  Run away and fast!  Interview many different DJs just like you would to hire an important employee–that is what you are doing, after all!

#15 Guests too drunk to be, well, good guests:  Avoid “over-served” guests by keeping the length of your reception (and open bar) to a reasonable length of time that works for you.

#16 Ugly, sloppy sound equipment junking up your pictures: Avoid unsightly DJ set-ups by hiring people who invest in sleek, modern, professional set-ups. 

This list could easily have turned into ‘365 Ways…’, but we thought we’d keep it simple!  Give us a call today to learn how we can make your wedding day #YOURPERFECTDAY.  804.788.4603

The author: Beth Wertz

Beth graduated from James Madison University in 2014 with a degree in journalism. Most of her spare time is spent looking at wedding dresses and watching Netflix, hoping to get more ideas for Style Inspirations.


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