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Wedding Rings for Active Lifestyles

The newest market for wedding rings is tailor made for men and women with active lifestyles — people who are ultra-athletic or who work with their hands. There are people who don’t want to continually squeeze off their wedding rings and possibly lose them. And there are people who don’t want to worry about scratching the metal, losing a diamond, or getting the ring hung up on tools or equipment. I think even the least active of us can remember catching our wedding ring on our nose or on a thread or maybe even accidently scratching a wriggling child. In some cases, stiff metal wedding rings are just plain uncomfortable. Now there are wonderful and COLORFUL alternatives:  silicone rings.

There are many brands that you can shop around for, all with their unique twist. Some are very customizable, allowing symbols to be imprinted. Some come in wider ranges of colors such as turquoise and fuschia. Others are textured and stackable, allowing you more creativity than just the simple engagement ring and wedding ring. And of course, you can coordinate your wedding ring with your partner’s or match them completely. It is whatever your style may be.

It certainly is wonderful to have a comfortable, safe, and stylish alternative.

There are at least 50 manufacturers of silicone wedding bands, but here are just the first four that came up in my search about wedding rings for active lifestyles:

  • SafeRingz, the original silicone wedding band
  • Enso Rings, for active lifestyles and working professionals
  • Knot Theory, for creative minds
  • QALO, the functional wedding ring for active lifestyles

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The author: Dawn Van Ness

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