It’s the last week of adventures (or at least the last week of Up-themed adventures). While this does make me sad, I’m pretty excited about what I have in store for next week… 🙂 However, let’s end this with a bang!

Up Bridal

I think this one is so adorable all together. The dress, from Allure Bridals, is amazing! I definitely wanted a ball gown for this style, because in the film, Ellie wears kind of a cross between a ball gown and an A-line, and I thought ball gown would go better with the entire cohesive looks I was going for. I love that this dress has a lot of innocent touches to it, like the neckline. It’s classy and cute!

Now, if you read my post on fall fashion, you know how much I love sweaters with wedding gowns. You may choose not to wear it in the ceremony, but if you have an outdoor one in the fall or winter, it’s still a great option that would still look amazing with the dress! The poof at the bottom will come out of the sweater looking adorable! And I love that it fits with the colors so well — and if you have your bridesmaids dressed in purple, you would show off both wedding colors in your party! This sweater is from J. Crew.

The bouquet is the same as the one from the bridal party look. It’s from Etsy. I love that it incorporates both colors in a cute and innocent way. And I love that it doesn’t look TOO put-together (does anyone else hate that?). It’ll look so good with all of the other elements and with the bridesmaid dresses!

The earrings and hair bow were both added to give a little bit of pizazz. The earrings, from Etsy, will look good with any hair style you choose. Since I added balloon necklaces for the bridesmaids, I wanted something different for the bride, and this is a great option that hints at the theme without being too obvious. The hair bow, also from Etsy, was a last minute idea of mine. I wanted something to add to the hair that would be youthful and cute, and this fit perfectly! I love bows as they bring that sense of innocence, and the peacock feather made me think of Kevin from the movie!

For the shoes, I purposefully didn’t want anything too flashy. I think that with everything else going on, you don’t want to overpower it. These shoes, from Dillards, are simple, classy and adorable, which is basically everything that I wanted this style to be. I could have chosen a color, but for some reason I love the idea of just having white shoes for this look. I think it adds to the innocent vibe even more than it would with a color.


I hope everyone enjoyed this look from Up! What do you ladies think? Would you have an Up-themed wedding? Would you use these tips, or would you go about it differently? Comment and let us know! Please like below so I know you’ve been here, and I will be back next week with something new and fabulous for you beautiful Virginia brides!

The author: Beth Wertz

Beth graduated from James Madison University in 2014 with a degree in journalism. Most of her spare time is spent looking at wedding dresses and watching Netflix, hoping to get more ideas for Style Inspirations.
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