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Unexpected Wedding Locations 2016

Would you love to get married somewhere different?  Here are some unexpected wedding locations you can take advantage of here in my home state of Virginia.

Beautiful Bridge at Elizabeth Park

On a Bridge

Bridges are very symbolic, so whether you pick one for sentimental reasons or for aesthetics, Virginia is the home of many memorable bridges, some which you may not be aware of, such as the Bowstring Arch Truss Bridge in Bedford, or the CSX A-Line Bridge in Richmond,  or High Bridge in Farmville.  You could stage your pictures on the bridge or in the foreground of the bridges.  In some cases, you may be able to hold your ceremony on or near the bridges.  Check out more bridges HERE.


On a Boat

With so many lakes and rivers and with a bay and an ocean, you can cruise into your nuptials aboard a beautiful boat. You can go for a two-stack steamship cruise  HERE.  Consider a yacht club HERE .  In any case, a pier, a marina, or a yacht club are perfect places to have a reception.  They are beautiful backdrops for a memorable wedding.


On a Plane

Some adrenaline junkies might enjoy saying their “I do” and then jumping out of a plane.  There are plenty of skydiving locations in Virginia, so check out some HERE.  It’s actually kind of amazing where you could land, then go enjoy the rest of your party at a reception.


In a Cavern

There is an underworld of caverns in Virginia, formed thousands and thousands of years ago, with formations that were shaped by the seeping of water through mineral-rich stone. Get to know some of them HERE.  The lighting usually is amazing because the caves are lit for tourists to really see the depths and beauty even in the still-water basins.


In a Museum

Virginia is history-rich.  There are museums and memorials to an unbelievable number of people, places, and events.  Peruse some HERE.  There are train museums, tractor museums, carriage museums, art museums, and more.  There are houses from ages before.  There are memorials that are epic.


In a Park

Whether you want a location that is natural or manicured, one where you can spend the night or just visit between sunrise and sunset, there is a park in Virginia for you.  Check out some HERE.  You could have a Jane Austen wedding or maybe have a medievil theme or a Great Gatsby theme.  You could also go all natural (not naked!) and have an Eden-like theme.


There are dozens of other places that will take you away from a catering hall or hotel banquet room.  Other places to consider are wineries, breweries, sports venues, barns, ranches, cabins, lighthouses, zoos, safari parks, nightclubs, restaurants that are housed in old factories , and refurbished train stations.  Wouldn’t it be fun to be married on a rooftop under the stars?  Why not find a place that would be an adventure?  What’s a bigger leap than getting married?

Things to consider when planning your unexpected location wedding:

  • Not all venues will keep people from walking through.
  • You are responsible for clean-up and damages.
  • Some venues are not available during certain times (such as for renovation or restoration) or may no longer be available at all due to restrictions.
  • Some venues have strict limits to the number of attendees.
  • You may not be allowed to decorate or set up chairs.
  • Parking may be limited or way off the beaten path.

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The author: Dawn Van Ness

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