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The Pro’s and Con’s of DIY



When you get engaged it is an amazing time full of smiles and maybe some happy tears. You get to tell your family and friends that you and your now “fiancee” are getting married! Life is good…until it’s time to start planning and you realize something…you have a budget!

How many of you have sat on your computer even before you were engaged dreaming about what you would wear? What colors you would choose? OR what you would give your guests as favors?…now look at your budget and the wedding of your dreams could become a nightmare!! Details are costly BUT they are important. We are at a day and age where DIY is the big ticket. It’s cost effective and cuts out the middle man. You keep yourself accountable versus having to communicate with multiple vendors. Many brides are “DIY”ing it BUT they quickly find out the work that goes into having those details and how time consuming it can be. Sometimes cutting out the vendors has a cost! You can quickly go from an easy DIY project to “in over your head”. Just be prepared for the work involved…it may be worth the money to relieve yourself of the stress for your wedding day details!

Happy planning!




The author: Angeline Frame

Angeline is the owner/publisher of Virginia Bride Magazine and the show producer for The Greater Virginia Bridal Shows. She has a degree in Public Administration and Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. A former model and wedding venue owner- she loves all things wedding , fashion and decorating. In her spare time she likes to write, travel and get new ideas to share with brides.