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The Best Wedding Trend in 2016 May be the Unplugged Wedding

The newest big trend in weddings is neither Tweeting your wedding nor posting pictures to Instagram nor creating a unique #weddinghashtag, nor is it about feathers on wedding gowns or fur on fingernails (seriously, people are sporting fur nails…it is a thing).   A trend that is getting more play each year actually is about asking others NOT to snap and share.   This is so much so that the etiquette of social media is getting into etiquette books.

But how do you ask people to turn off their devices, stop snapping pictures, and stop posting updates especially when social media, smartphones, and tablets have become part of ordinary life for so many?

Any way you want to!

And a visibly popular way to do so is with classic framed signs presented on decorative wrought iron or brass easels or with upscale A-frame sidewalk signs with vibrant wet erase writing.

Signs are usually a minimum of 24″ x 36″ and look their best if they are not poster-plastic frames but wood frames. Depending on your style of wedding, you may want something gilded or very natural. They present best not standing up on a table, but standing alone at a suitable viewing level.   My favorites were the vintage gold frames and the barn wood frames.



Here are a few ways to say it, some with cheek and some in rhyme, inspired by my snooping around the web:

“There is a nice guy taking pictures. We asked him to come. So please put away your camera. We only need the one.”
“Thank you for coming!!! We have but one plea… Please keep our ceremony camera free!”
“We only want to see your lovely faces, so please put away your cameras and all other electronic devices.”
“The bride and groom request the sight of your smiling faces without the distraction of electronic devices.  Please wait till after the 1st dance to take pictures and videos.”
“The bride and groom request you put away all devices till after the 1st dance. Until then, be present, be in the moment, and stay strong! It won’t take long!”
“Turn off your cell phones. They mean it, ya’ll!”

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The author: Dawn Van Ness

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