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Style Inspiration – “Hunger Games” ceremony and reception!

It’s the big day; your dress is on, your makeup is finished and your bridal party and dressed and ready to go. What will you be walking out to?

If you’ve been following the Virginia Bride and Virginia Wedding Locations blog, you’ll have seen the Hunger Games bridal style and bridal party style from the last two weeks. Today, your Demetrios dress and Mockingjay pin are going to attend the ceremony and reception, all themed after Suzanne Collins’ best-selling series! But keep in mind now: THIS WILL HAVE SPOILERS. I will be discussing the first two books and movies, as well as very minor aspects of the third book, Mockingjay. I promise not to reveal any important plot points of Mockingjay, since I know a lot of fans are waiting until the movie comes out.

First of all: the venue. I tried to locate a specific venue for this, but let’s be honest; any venue with beautiful outdoors and trees would be absolutely perfect for a Hunger Games-themed wedding, and we Virginians are in luck in that area. Virginia is loaded with woods and venues that showcase them, so all you girls on fire can take your pick! For a suggestion, I love the grounds at the Tides Inn in Chesapeake Bay! In addition, our own Virginia Wedding Locations magazines showcased a tent company in Richmond called Magic Special Events, and a tent they’ve done fits so perfectly! photo I love the trees on the walls and the fact that it’s relatively dark. You can almost feel like you’re in the cave with Katniss and Peeta in the first book and movie. But don’t get too excited about the place settings featured in this gorgeous work of art, I have some awesome ideas for your own tables later! However, first I’d like to discuss your ceremony. Decorate the place with the calla lilies you saw in the bouquets and use the red and orange color motif! I like the idea of keeping candles all around, to really work with that fire theme. It’s going to be beautiful! No Hunger Games is complete without a reaping, and yours is no exception! Have a table set up in a good location your guests will be walking in order to sit down for your ceremony, and have each child (you can set your own age limit!) submit their names for the “reaping” as they walk in. Before the ceremony, your very own Effie Trinket can choose one girl and one boy to be included in the ceremony! They can have small jobs, such as carrying a sign that says, “Here comes the bride!” or helping the flower girl throw flowers. This is a great way to incorporate both your theme and your guests in your wedding! Following your vows, your reception can be where you really hit this theme. I don’t have pictures to illustrate these ideas, unfortunately. However, your imagination should be enough in this case! As any Hunger Games fan will remember, Panem is separated into 12 districts and the Capitol. District 13 also started to make an appearance at the very end of Catching Fire. For this reason, I’m suggesting having 13 tables at your reception, one for each district, and having a sweetheart table for you and your groom, known as the Capitol! The tables can be any size, based on the size of your wedding. Each table can have its own theme based on what the district is known for, however, to keep a cohesive look, you should keep your same colors (we’ve been using a lot of red and orange) for every table. I did some research for you, and here are the themes for each district, although some districts will have more information than others because the series doesn’t elaborate on many of the districts:

District One is responsible for making luxury items for the Capitol. It is Panem’s wealthiest district, and a Career District. For those of you who don’t know, a career district is one of three districts in Panem where tributes are trained for most of their lives for the Games, and then volunteer when they are of age. This table can be very extravagant, with beautiful, over-the-top place settings and gorgeous tablecloths. It should be located relatively close to the Capitol sweetheart table.

District Two is responsible for masonry and manufactures weapons and trains. Another important aspect of District Two is that it supplies many of Panem’s Peacekeepers. They are some of the biggest supporters of the Capitol, and a Career District. Because of the fact that they support the Capitol, I’d suggest seating your bridal party here! Decorate in darker colors, such as charcoal, along with the red and orange.

District Three is responsible for electronics. I like the idea of having this table loaded with disposable cameras, as some weddings will have to encourage guests to take their own pictures.

District Four is the fishing district. It’s also where Finnick comes from! (Any other Finnick Fans out there?) It is a Career District. Decorate your table with fishnets over the table clothes and centerpieces based on the ocean, still following your color scheme. For great ideas on ocean themes, look around at vendors in Virginia Beach!

District Five is for power. I recommend having centerpieces filled with red and/or white Christmas lights!

District Six is for transportation. You can have centerpieces with wheel accents or other transportation accents!

District Seven is for lumber. Centerpieces can have logs, done up in fancy ways.

District Eight is for textiles. They are responsible for making Peacekeeper uniforms. This would be a good table to for your crafty friends and have some mini DIY favors or something like that!

District Nine is for grain. You can have some wheat stalks as centerpieces or as accents to the chairs to use this theme.

District 10 is for livestock. You’re obviously not going to want real livestock at a table, but consider having animal-shaped favors or salt and pepper shakers for this table.

District 11 is the agriculture district. It’s also the district where Rue was from, and one of the poorest in Panem. You can have similar decorations to the grain district.

District 12, of course, is the coal-mining district, where Katniss herself grew up. It is quite possibly the poorest district. I recommend having a lot of fire decorations in your centerpieces and chair decorations, taking a hint from Cinna!

District 13 was thought to be destroyed, but really lives underground. In its days as being part of Panem, it was responsible for nuclear weapons. Residents of District 13 have very strict lives, and wear only gray clothing, so I’d suggest having a lot of gray accents on this table.


Now that we’ve discussed the tables, I have one more suggestion for you wonderful brides: the cake! I found this cake from Incredible Edibles Bakery located in Virginia Beach. I love the tree look, although I’d of course suggest using different color flowers. 10014635_10152359669649402_1939443101944148558_n This is the end of the Hunger Games wedding style! Does anyone have any suggestions to start with for next week, where I begin again with a bridal style? I’ve had some requests for Harry Potter wedding! Keep checking the Virginia Bride and Virginia Wedding Locations blogs for more tips for your wedding, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

The author: Beth Wertz

Beth graduated from James Madison University in 2014 with a degree in journalism. Most of her spare time is spent looking at wedding dresses and watching Netflix, hoping to get more ideas for Style Inspirations.

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