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Real Wedding Wednesday: Donna and Walt

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Today’s real wedding is so much more than just a wedding. It is a love story that began over 14 years before this couple said, “I do.” I, Tilley, can say this with confidence because the bride in today’s wedding is my best friend’s mom.

Donna and Walt, both with two kids from a previous marriage, met through mutual friends. After much coaxing, they finally went on a double date with their friends and became inseparable ever since. With their children as their first priority, they waited many years to make their union official. But, they say, it was worth the wait.

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Donna and Walt choose the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel for the nuptials and being the sweet couple that they are, they didn’t part all day. Seeing the bride before the ceremony was no big deal in their minds, they just wanted to be together so they got ready in their upstairs suite surrounded by their kids and yours truly.

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I was in charge of makeup and hair and although I may be biased, Donna looked amazing :).

The ceremony was originally planned to be outdoors, but Hurricane Joaquin had different plans. The rain had subsided, but the wind was fierce, so they decided to move the whole day in doors.

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Donna’s son walked her down the aisle as all their family and friends from many years watched with full hearts.

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With their children’s help, they poured sand together into one vase. This is my favorite instance of the sand ceremony because it shows so much significance in bringing two families together.

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And before we knew it, after 14 years, they were finally man and wife.

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As you can see, everyone was PUMPED. So cute…(crying tears of happiness as I write this)

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This couple’s love, focus and determination is so inspiring to me. Love really has to time limit or rules for them. Society sometimes makes us feel like we should get engaged by a certain age or should be married after dating a certain amount of time…but in reality, all that matters is that we have love.

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Donna and Walt’s unending, never fading love is a true testimony of that. I pray mine and my husband’s love will grow into what they have.

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And I just have to say that this wedding reception ended at 4pm and when I saw the couple again at 9pm, they still were cuddly and lovey dovey. THE CUTEST COUPLE EVER (tears, again).

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Congrats Donna and Wally! I love y’all!

From the bride:

What was your favorite detail of the day? “No particular detail….Since it was the week of the storm I was praying to God the weather would allow our guests to travel safely!”

What advice would you give to a bride to be? “Don’t worry about last minute hick-ups…you can only control so much…and at the end of the day… spend time with your guests. Also, make sure you have pictures taken with both you and your husband at each of the tables vs. only capturing pictures of those guests who were on the dance floor.”
Photos by Fotos by Marco

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