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Real Wedding Wednesday: Brittany and Jeremiah

Today’s bride, looking pretty as can be, is Brittany. She met groom when they were neighbors in college. A knight in shining armor, Jeremiah first caught her eye when he helped her roommate when her car got stuck in the snow. Eventually the pair hung out and here we are, blogging about their wedding!
Their big day began at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Blacksburg, VA. How gorgeous it Brittany’s all white bouquet?!
Their pair decided to forgo the “first look” trend to have a special eye lock down the aisle.
The eye lock later turned into a lip lock and they were married!
Look at the bubble exit! Too cute! And so much smarter than rice, lol…I have heard many horror stories of bridesmaids having to pick rice out of the brides hair for hours…
Brittany’s bridesmaids wore navy and the groomsmen wore grey and they make an adorable backdrop for this in love couple!
Aren’t they sweet…
Candid laughing photos are my FAVORITE! #cutenessoverload
The reception took place at the Plantation on Sunnybrook in Roanoke and was gorgeous! Love the navy tablecloths with colorful flowers and napkins!
Not to mention these mugs! One for every guest!
And you gotta love when dancing is THIS serious of a priority 😉 .
Their cake was beautiful and came with a funny story…apparently when the couple cut it, Jeremiah dropped some on Brittany’s gown! Brittany kept her cool though, after all, they were there to celebrate 🙂 .
And celebrate they did! Congrats Brittany and Jeremiah!
What was your favorite detail of the day? “My favorite detail of the day would have to be either the anniversary dance where couples dance and then leave the dance floor as the DJ increases the number of years married.  Both sets of my grandparents and my great-aunt and uncle were left at the end all being married 50+ years.  They then gave their advice to us on how to stay married that long.  Another favorite detail was the bridal dance, which is a traditional Pittsburgh dance where the bride dances with everyone at the wedding and the finally with her parents and then the groom comes to retrieve the bride at the end.  It was so fun and everyone participated!  And you got to take a shot at the end!”
What advice would you give to a bride to be? “Don’t sweat the small stuff!  I am very detailed oriented and even on the day of the wedding I was stressed and worried about certain details that no one else even knew about.  Live in the moment that day and enjoy it because it goes by too fast!  Also, take a minute after the ceremony with just your husband to celebrate.  We did this and got to just enjoy being husband and wife for the first time before we went out to meet our guests!”

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