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Real Wedding Wednesday: Aarti and Dominik

Today’s real Virginia wedding is on Sunny Slope Farm in the Shenandoah Valley and is filled with moments that will give you chills. I can’t believe how fitting it is that I chose this wedding ages ago to show you this week with news of the impending hurricane that Virginia is set to experience. Nonetheless, lets dive in…
This stunning bride is Aarti. She met her groom, Dominik, out and about in DC on a random night. She overheard him talking about rock climbing, which she recently picked up as a hobby, and jumped right into the conversation. Everything snowballed from there and they were married this past June.
The theme for the day was vintage, rustic and simple. I cannot begin to explain how much I love Aarti’s dress! And I love her colorful bouquet in contrast to her bridesmaid’s white and pink bouquets.
The sun beamed down on them during their first look and it was as if the world stood still.
Look how perfect her dress blows in the breeze…such a heavenly moment.
The sun started to fade away though as you can see in this photo of Dominik and his groomsmen.
As the ceremony time approached, so did some gnarly clouds.
But Dominik and Aarti weren’t going to let a storm ruin their day.
As the winds picked up, Aarti and her father walked down the aisle to the amazing alter.
How epic right?!
You’d think that everyone would be stressed about the storm but look at their smiling faces! A true testament to love winning out over all else.
Plus, they were prepared. Notice the matching umbrellas.
The sky fell as they were pronounced man and wife. Y’all, I have never seen a more beautiful moment! This might be the coolest first kiss ever!
And look how happy they are! Weather doesn’t matter as long as you are with the one you love!
Luckily the reception was covered though, lol.
Tables were filled with dainty glasses that Aarti had collected from antique stores since their engagement.
As the newly married couple danced their first dance, there wasn’t a dry eye (or shirt probably) in the room.
Then, like magic, the storm went away and a rainbow appeared. A RAINBOW!
I’d imagine that this type of weather might make it hard to enjoy such a special day, but Aarti and Dominik were never phased. How sweet are they?!
Thank you both for sharing your love, optimism and joy today! Here’s to many, many years!
From the Bride:
What was your favorite detail of the day? “Well, as you know, the weather took us on an epic journey that day. We went from beautifully sunny during our first look to cloudy and dramatic during the ceremony, then torrential downpour as the reception started, all the way to a perfect rainbow! It wasn’t really a detail we could control, but it was so beautiful, like a metaphor about life itself. I do have to say though that the cake, which my best friend and Maid of Honor made with her mom was also spectacular and so special! The cake was lavender vanilla and decorated with fresh flowers from the farm.”
What advice would you give to a bride to be? “Keep calm and carry on. Seriously. Cherish time with your ladies and enjoy yourself! It is really easy to get caught up in everything. I was trying to keep things simple and it still felt like there were a million details to handle. In the end… the only part that really mattered was the fact that I married the man of my dreams and that my closest friends and family were there to witness it!”
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