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Real Wedding Favorites from 2016!

Real weddings are, in my opinion, the best source for inspiration! Who am I? Tilley! Your weekly wedding blogger!

From the first wedding we featured in 2016, all the way to the last, they have all been nothing short of amazing. A few, however, really stand out in my mind so I wanted to create a “favorites” list for y’all! Let’s begin with details…

Favorite Invitation:

Photo by Krysta Norman

This little flip invite really captured the essence of Mary and Andrew’s wedding in Charlottesville, VA. I love the texture and colors they choose to capture a rustic feel.

Favorite Shoes:

Photo by Kimie James

This one was so hard to choose! Last week’s bride has some stunning pumps and so did this bride, but these “yes please” hot pink flats that Lindsey wore are forever ingrained in my mind!

Favorite bouquet:

Photo by Sarah Goodwin

Can y’all tell that I love bright colors? Cara’s whole wedding day was GORGEOUS…check it out here.

Favorite Place Cards:

Photo by Krysta Norman

This detail from Claire and Justin’s wedding might be one that I went the craziest over all year. These little pieces of glitter paper not only tell each guest where to sit, but they can also be attached to the stem of your glass to make sure no one mistakes their glass for yours! Genius!

The sand dollars from Whitney and Ryan’s wedding were a close second though 😉

Favorite Cake:

Photo by Lauren Paige

Everything from Christian and Megan’s wedding was larger than life! I love this cake with the cascading flowers and sweet topper.

Favorite Bridesmaid Dresses:

By Betty Clicker Photography

I am a fan of giving bridesmaids a color to stick to and letting them express their own style. Becca did this exactly for her maids for her big day and it turned out beautifully!

Favorite Bridesmaid Gift:

Photo by Brett Denfeld

Finding the perfect gift for your maids can be so tough. Kristen chose these adorable necklaces with charms that represent each of her besties and I loved it! So unique and thoughtful.

Favorite Classic Wedding Gown:

Photos by Shannon Moffit

Lauren’s whole wedding day was the epitome of class. From her pink and navy color scheme to her gorgeous side swept hair, I know even Kate Spade herself would have approved. Her lace gown wins the title of Favorite Classic Gown of 2016.

Favorite Unique Wedding Gown:

Photo by Kelli Brewer

Not only am I obsessed with Alison’s illusion neckline dress, but this is probably my favorite couples photo EVER. So much happiness!

Now lets check out some venues…

Favorite Indoor Ceremony:

Photos by Audrey Rose Photography

Having a hurricane on your wedding day can feel like you pulled the short straw, but Kelly and Paul’s day was indoors at Nauticus and stunning!

Favorite Outdoor Ceremony:

Photo by Steven and Lily Photography

Collin and Katie were married at the amazing House Mountain Inn in Lexington, Virginia and y’all…I DIED over this outdoor wedding. Check it out here.

Favorite Reception Location:

Photo by: Samantha Martin

Aaron and Diana had a stunning wedding and this outdoor pavilion was the icing on the cake!

Top 3 Favorite Couple’s Portraits:

Photo by: Edward B Photography

This photo from Leo and Paola’s snowy wedding day is a dream come true!

Photo by: Carla Jane

Cassandra and Allen are the smiliest Bride and Groom of 2016 which is why this photo is one of my favorites. Check out their wedding day here.

Photo by Abby Grace Photography

Cherry blossoms and this perfect couple made this pic an easy favorite.

Now for the big one…

Favorite Wedding of 2016

Photo by:Lindsay Anne of L.A. Birdie Photography

Aarti and Dominik were married in a giant storm and it was amazing! From her two-piece dress to this wood alter, every moment was a beautiful as is was memorable!

Thanks to all the couples and photographers that helped make 2016’s real Virginia #weddingWednesday posts a success! To submit a wedding for 2017, email and put “#weddingWednesday” in the subject line!

Happy New Year!

<3 Tilley

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