“You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

If you’re doing this theme, this quote needs to be somewhere in your wedding. As for your bridesmaids, they’ll be looking gorgeously vintage in this style!

PAP Bridal Party

Now, normally I try to have more elements to the style to round everything out. But I love the idea of everything being so simple with this look. The Bennet family wasn’t very rich, after all. Besides, this dress from Alfred Angelo doesn’t need a lot of accessories to look fabulous! I love the ruffles at the bottom and how it all ties together to remind me of a shorter version of a dress Elizabeth or Jane might have worn! It’ll also look great in a garden for your tea party.

These shoes from ModCloth are beautifully perfect for this theme. The vintage feel is exactly what we need, and the chunky heels will help keep your girls from digging into the grass all day! I love the details at the toe as well.

I adore these vintage flower earrings from Etsy! Everything about them makes me think that Elizabeth would definitely wear these around Pemberly. Not to mention, the color of the flowers matches everything else about this theme! I love the brass and the pearl accent to round it all out! Your girls will definitely wear these again.

I found this bouquet on Pinterest. While the actual pin led to a website that no longer exists, I did some digging and believe it originally came from Wild At Heart. They do some gorgeous work, so it definitely makes sense that this amazing bouquet came from them! I love the gold in the bouquet to bring out that color of the theme, and the ribbon makes it very Pride and Prejudice-esque. How many times do the women discuss/buy ribbons? It’s a perfect match! And the white flowers will look perfect in your garden tea party!

This leather-bound edition of the Jane Austen classic from Amazon is a perfect idea for a bridesmaid gift. It’s a tough read (it takes a while to get used to the Old English!), but I loved it. The movie follows the book pretty closely, too! Give your girls something they’ll love having on their bookshelves forever!


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The author: Beth Wertz

Beth graduated from James Madison University in 2014 with a degree in journalism. Most of her spare time is spent looking at wedding dresses and watching Netflix, hoping to get more ideas for Style Inspirations.