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Pirates of the Caribbean Style Inspiration – Ceremony and Reception

“A wedding? I love weddings! Drinks all around!”

If you remember that quote from the first movie of the Pirates of the Caribbean series (AKA The Curse of the Black Pearl), then I already love you and I think you’ll love this style! I decided to do this while on a road trip with some friends, and we were discussing the pros and cons of corset wedding gowns. Yes, that is what I do in my spare time. Welcome to the life of a bridal blogger.

As I watch Jack and Elizabeth get marooned on the island full of rum (yes, I’m watching the movie as I write this), let’s talk about how to make a non-cheesy Pirates of the Caribbean wedding. For colors, I’m thinking a lot of browns/greys, with navy blue and dark maroon red. You won’t want any pastels around for this theme!


Some appetizers before your hearty meal! I love the idea of using apples for this theme. No one wants to be Barbossa and just wish they could taste them instead of having the real thing! Now, these are from a Halloween POTC party, so I would skip some of the Halloween elements, such as the color of the straws and the ribbons. But other than that, I love these and think they would go really well for this theme! Picture from Hostess with the Mostess blog.


The reason this picture is of a bunch of different drinks is that I’m really giving you a lot of options for a signature drink here. Rum is a liquor that can really go any direction, so my only real concrete suggestion is that: the rum. (Just keep track of it,. I’ve heard that it tends to go missing,  contribute to beach fires to make smoke signals or cause massive pirating.) Some crowd-approved cocktails with rum include Captain Morgan Mai Tais (or really, any mai tai will work!), mojitos, rum and coke, rum and ginger ale, daiquiris and pina coladas. Do some research or ask a bartender what their favorites are! Personally, I’m a fan of the Captain Morgan Mai Tais. It’s pink, so it may not look like something from the movie, but it’s something your guests will appreciate as the signature drink! You’ll need Captain Morgan, banana liqueur (optional, but tasty), pinapple juice, orange juice, sour mix and grenadine stocked at your bar. Picture from Olive The People.



I love the idea of scouring thrift shops and basements for mismatched goblets to use at all of your tables for this theme! Having them mismatched really just makes it fit the theme even better. Your guests will appreciate that extra little touch, and you can have a lot of fun with your friends or family on the weekends looking for them in antique shops and thrift stores. Don’t worry about colors – just look for ones you like no matter what! PIcture from Rock ‘N Roll Bride.


This cake from Disboards is adorable and not as cheesy as many POTC-themed baked items you’ll see around the internet. The subtle reference is just enough!

As for venues, I considered finding a specific one, but let’s be honest: there are so many amazing venues to choose from for this theme. Check out venues in the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake Bay or Chincoteague/Assateague areas for a beach wedding venue that will fit your specific needs, and you’ll have everything you need!


What do you think of this theme? Anything you’d do differently or love? Let us know! Share this post with your friends, hit “like” below and come back next Friday for the bridal party look for this theme!

The author: Beth Wertz

Beth graduated from James Madison University in 2014 with a degree in journalism. Most of her spare time is spent looking at wedding dresses and watching Netflix, hoping to get more ideas for Style Inspirations.