“I should have told you every day from the moment I met you. I love you.”

Still one of my favorite lines in a movie. This was a fun style to do! I had very specific things in mind for it, and I think it’ll be beautiful for your favorite girls to wear on your big day.

POTC Bridal Party

I knew before I started that this look needed a mermaid-style dress for the bridesmaids. I love the idea of a floor-length one as well because every woman in the movies wears a floor-length gown. Except Elizabeth when she’s pretending to be a man or a pirate lord or whatever she’s attempting to be at the time. This color is great for this theme, which is using navy blue and dark maroon. The dress is simple and classy, which means she’s more likely to be from Port Royal than Tortuga. This dress is from Jordan Fashions.

This blue and maroon bouquet from Eclectic Images Blog was exactly what I envisioned! The colors are perfect, and I love that it’s a little disheveled and, well, eclectic! The flowers are a little exotic and different instead of just being roses, and it brings a little something different to the simplicity of the dress.

I LOVE this hair clip from Etsy! It’s more of that blue color to add, and it’ll look gorgeous in any bridemaid’s hair! It’s also a little vintage-y, and since the movies are set in the 1800’s, that fits so perfectly! They can do a gorgeous updo with something like this!

This boutonniere is something I literally just stumbled across and absolutely had to add in! From Project Wedding, it’s not really the flower I’m a fan of for this theme, it’s the holder. The swirl just reminded me of Davy Jones and how he’s always curling those (sort of creepy) tentacles.With flowers similar to those in the bouquet, I think this boutonniere would be perfect for this theme!

I love this ring from Noir NYC. Mermaids are a major plot point in the fourth movie, plus mermaids are a fun part of sea-themed things! It’s a subtle reference that’ll look great on your girls, and something they’ll actually want to hold on to! Think: bridesmaid gift! Girls who accessorize will love this addition to complete their look.

Finally, these shoes from Charlotte Russe via Polyvore are perfect! They have a darker feel to them which is a great takeaway from the film to bring into this theme. Your bridesmaids might end up kicking them off on the dance floor (let’s be honest, this always happens when heels are involved), but they’ll look amazing in the pictures and Jack Sparrow would be proud. As long as you give him rum.


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Beth graduated from James Madison University in 2014 with a degree in journalism. Most of her spare time is spent looking at wedding dresses and watching Netflix, hoping to get more ideas for Style Inspirations.
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