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Multicultural Bridal Traditions



Multicultural Bridal Traditions

Ashley R. Cottrell


“Something old, new, borrowed, and blue.” This old saying is one among many traditions followed by American brides. Other wedding traditions, such as the placing of rings on the left hand, have become so second-nature that it’s easy to forget they’re a part of our American culture. Now that our country is one of the most diverse nations in the world, we’re starting to see more second-generation couples incorporate their parents’ cultural traditions into their own wedding. Here are two interesting non-American bridal traditions I’ve been introduced to:


This ritual usually takes place the evening before the wedding day. During this ceremony, mehndi/ henna designs are applied to the hands and feet of the bride and, sometimes, her family and bridesmaids. In addition to the beauty of these designs, there are many beliefs in the symbolism of mehndi during a wedding, such as health and stress-relief.

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 The tradition of henna designs has become popular in America as a great bridal party idea, as well as temporary tattoos or “body art” for women.


This tradition usually occurs during the wedding reception. The marital union is celebrated by the wedding guests either pinning money to the bride and groom or throwing money at their feet. This tradition is said to be symbolic of good fortune for the newly-weds.

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