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MeeksMakes- Origami Flowers for your Hair

Recently spotted among bridal trends are decorative head-wear pieces. Whether it be a jeweled headband, tiara, or colorful hair clips, brides have been opting for subtle details without a traditional veil. Creator and designer of MeeksMakes, Tomiko Tamashiro, has brought the world of accessories something new and exciting; origami flower crowns and clips to be worn on any special day or throughout daily life! Her Etsy shop was recently opened due to the high demand of friends for these special creations. Each flower is unique, handmade and weather resistant. Read below for her inspiration, creation process and styling tips!


Shannon: What is the process of making each flower?

Tomiko: First, I make the individual flowers themselves. Once they’ve dried, I arrange them together in different ways to see how they would look best. Sometimes they look better all in a row and other times, I think depending on the color and tone, they look better in a bunch. Finally, I glue them together and onto the clip or band. 

Shannon: What makes them unique and special?

Tomiko: When buying a pack of origami paper, you do not know what patterns you’re getting. So chances are you’re never going to see the same clip twice. Not to mention that each one is hand made so they all come out a little different depending on how I’m feeling. Also, where have you seen flower crowns made of origami! These last as long as you take care of them, unlike real flowers on crowns. 

Shannon: Any tips on how to style or wear them in your hair?

Tomiko: I personally really like having them to complete a nice, high bun. But I have also seen them used in nice loose braided up do’s. It gives a nice modern touch to a classic look.

MeeksMakes Origami Flowers are available on Etsy here:

Photographs by Peter Noowin at Empty Planet Productions


The author: Angeline Frame

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