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L O V E, let me count the ways… to Incorporate You into My Wedding

People do love to incorporate the word LOVE into their wedding decorations, and here in Virginia, it is almost patriotic to do so, because Virginia is for lovers.  We’d like to have everyone’s weddings here!

The word love can be done is some very bold ways and some very simple ways, as well as some unusual ways.  Here are some ideas that are accessible and beautiful!

Spell it out…

In Flowers

Spell out the word love in flower petals down the isle.  I think there is something sweet and poetic about this if it is possible that the bride’s train can sweep the petals up as she walks.  She walks in love.  She takes love with her with every step.

In Moss or Ivy

Love can be spelled out in moss or ivy-covered topiaries.  This would require some sort of steady base, preferably weighted, chicken wire to make the shapes, and then either fake or real moss.  You can buy both online.

In the Sand

For a beach wedding, you could commission an extravagant LOVE sandcastle or you could write it out in the sand.  I saw a few examples where colored glitter or rose petals were sprinkled into the writing so it would stand out even more.  Maybe some seashells would be beautiful.

In Smooth Pebbles 

There is something calming about smooth river stones, maybe because they get associated closely with meditation, so if being calming and serene are a part of your vibe, this might be a sweet way to spell out love.

As Freestanding

Love could be spelled out in large freestanding letters in colors that match the decor.

Love could the be the base of a table that  has decorations, photos of the bride and groom, or food for the reception.

As the Lighting

Love can be spelled out in different types of lighting, like rope lighting, which can easily be purchased online in any color.  In the evening, this could be funky or romantic depending on the rest of the decor.  The largest versions I saw reminded me of the Hollywood sign; some were done like marquee signs with the bulbs exposed while others were boxed in with smooth fabric or frosted vinyl.  A barn reception looked rather sweet lit by the fabric boxed letter lighting.  It gave everything a soft, golden light like candlelight does or the setting sun.

As Hanging Around

Love can come as wall decals in any size, font and color you can imagine.

Love can come as reflective or crystal wall coverings.

Love can be hung up on bunting or pennant banners.

As Placesettings 

Love can be spelled out in a plate set filled with reception treats.

Love can be spelled out in small, freestanding plaques in any color.

As Nailart 

Love can be written letter by letter across acrylic nails – in cursive, this looks elegant and not like a knuckle tattoo.  🙂


There are many other ways to incorporate LOVE into your wedding decor that would be lovely, like an Asian-themed wedding with the Chinese or Japanese calligraphy.    One wedding had it spelled out in a topiary of flowers the size of a float in a stone castle which made it seem that much more romantic and regal.  Another person potted-up succulents like hens and chicks in what looked like the serving dishes; the white ceramic pots with the cool greens made a fresh arrangement.

However you do LOVE, understated or bold, elegant or kitschy, in lights or out on the lawn, I hope it turns out perfectly and your guests oooooooo and ahhhhhhhhhh over it all!

Here is to you having a most romantic ceremony and reception!  Cheers!

The author: Dawn Van Ness

Dawn Dickson Van Ness grew up at the beach and has published her work in print and online. With a BA in English and a MS in Mass Communications, she has used writing and multimedia to promote artists, art shows, writers, small businesses, and other self-employed individuals by building websites and maintaining social media pages. She feels most fulfilled when she is helping others achieve their dreams, which includes writing self-help and steps-to-success articles for various websites. It seems a natural fit for this wife and mother of two to write features that help soon-to-be wed couples. For more about Dawn, go to