WOW. You guys love this theme! (And I love that you love it!). The ceremony and reception look got so many likes!

Let’s just keep going, shall we? And here’s how a Jurassic Park bridesmaid can look:

JP Bridal Party


What’s weird about this theme and that I didn’t have many requirements for a bridesmaid dress in mind except for the fabric: I really thought it had to be chiffon. Others like satin or lace just didn’t seem to fit correctly. This dress from Alfred Angelo is such a great fit! It’s asymetrical, which I love because, let’s face it, nothing about this movie goes in a straight line! It’s not bedazzled or anything too fancy which you obviously wouldn’t want in a theme as rustic and outdoorsy as this one. It’s simple, elegant and comfortable. Exactly what you’d want for this theme!

I LOVE this bouquet from Style Me Pretty! It’s rustic (you’ll find me using this word a lot for this theme…) and features blooms that look like you could pick them yourself. Even better, it has BOTH colors we’d like to use here! Well, green is pretty much a given in any bouquet if you show the stems (like this one does!), but I love that it has that amber color hidden amongst the white. That makes such a difference for this theme.

This ring from Etsy is just adorable. Give it as a bridesmaid gift! It goes with this theme and will look great with virtually any outfit! I think it’s so cool that the T-Rex’s tail is the ring part. It will be such a cute little addition to the look that will be a good picture, as well!

I toyed around with the idea of a few different necklaces, but I like the idea of using that amber color, and this necklace from Etsy definitely fits that bill. It’s a perfect replica of the mosquitos trapped in amber that were used to help breed the dinosaurs in the movies! This particular one is for a Brontosaurus, according to the seller. Personally, I have no idea how anyone, including scientists, could possibly know what they’re going to make based on the mosquito… but I assume that’s why I write about wedding themes and they do science. Please do not make your own dinosaurs if you wear this. Especially if you use a breed of frog that can spontaneously change its gender, because, come on, even I knew that was going to end badly.

And finally, these crocodile pumps from Far Fetch are the greatest! I love both the color and the material, and it’s such a perfect fit for a Jurassic Park theme! They’ll look amazing in photos, I promise you. They also look super high, so maybe they’ll help you outrun a T-Rex. Because apparently heels do not hinder this process, which means they can only help you.


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The author: Beth Wertz

Beth graduated from James Madison University in 2014 with a degree in journalism. Most of her spare time is spent looking at wedding dresses and watching Netflix, hoping to get more ideas for Style Inspirations.
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