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How many of you go around a bridal show only TRULY looking for one or two things because you’ve already booked the rest of your vendors? If you are raising your hand, trust me, you are not alone. Most brides have a majority of their vendors booked before coming to a show and that is FANTASTIC! It’s important to cross off vendors from your wedding list. Something that is very important that many brides forget is to have a back up option! I can tell you from experience one of the first questions a vendor will ask is if you have that service covered for your wedding. The answers are obvious: Yes or No. If you say yes, they will begin their “rant” to tell you their services and what they offer. If you say no, brides tend to walk away.

LADIES!! It is very important to make sure you take their information sheets and cards. You never know what is going to happen in the future and if for SOME REASON something goes wrong you want to remember all the people you talked to at the show. That leads me to my next point, even if you have booked a caterer, DJ, or photographer…Talk to them! There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeing what other people offer and educating yourself.

So take the time to walk to each booth at a bridal show! Talk to the vendors because I promise you…they want to talk to you!!!!


The author: Angeline Frame

Angeline is the owner/publisher of Virginia Bride Magazine and the show producer for The Greater Virginia Bridal Shows. She has a degree in Public Administration and Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. A former model and wedding venue owner- she loves all things wedding , fashion and decorating. In her spare time she likes to write, travel and get new ideas to share with brides.
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