First of all, Merry Christmas Eve everybody! :) I hope everyone travels safely for the holidays. I myself am in Pennsylvania for the holidays, and let me tell you…it makes me miss Virginia!

As you may know, normally the style inspirations come out on Friday. We wanted to make sure you got all grinched out before the holidays were over, so we’re showing the bridal look early this week. Merry Christmas!

Grinch Bridal

I spent a long time looking for the perfect dress for this. I was originally searching through this designer’s dresses looking for a different one when this one popped up, and I loved it even more! It’s from Monique Lhullier. What caught my attention at first was the bow applique. It matches everything else so perfectly, and it’s adorable. But what separated it from the others was the gold glitter. It really added a touch that I hadn’t even thought of before! It fits our theme so perfectly, and this dress will make any bride feel special.

The bouquet is the same as from the bridal party look! I originally wanted to go ahead and do a bouquet of red roses and poinsettias as a big pop of red, but I love how much this bouquet encapsulates everything about the Grinch. From, the ornaments fit together in a quirky and fun way, perfect for a trip to WhoVille!

The makeup is something new I wanted to try. It was featured on a blog called Blog Mommies. I’m constantly trying to do new things with makeup (and failing at it) so I thought this would be a fun addition to the look. You can practice it on your own in the days leading up to your walk down the aisle, or show it to your makeup artist during your trial. By the way, always do a trial run. Just going to throw that in here.

The shoes are perfectly adorable for this look. I found them on Dallas Wardrobe. Fashion in WhoVille is all about what’s cute, fun, quirky and adorable, and these shoes fit every criteria! I usually don’t like to do really intense shoes for the bridal look because most of the time, they’ll be covered by your dress. These are just fun enough to poke out once in awhile, but the look doesn’t depend on them.

The earrings were an easy add. I really wanted to add some emerald jewelry to the look, and these are a perfect addition. From Etsy, they add a beautiful touch of our main wedding color to the look. I thought about red jewelry, but I think the shoes from the bridal party do a great job on their own of adding that pop of color to the entire wedding party.

And last, but certainly not least, my personal favorite element: the veil. I’m usually against doing veils because they are impossible to cut out of a picture to show it off with all of the other elements, but I was determined this time. It’s from Dresser Bridal. The poof in the back is perfect! Women in WhoVille love being flashy, and this does that for your look in a way that is still classy. And it’s so cute!

Next week, I’ll be back on Friday with a brand new style that I think everyone will LOVE. I’m actually currently watching the inspiration on TV… :)

Merry Christmas, ladies!

The author: Beth Wertz

Beth graduated from James Madison University in 2014 with a degree in journalism. Most of her spare time is spent looking at wedding dresses and watching Netflix, hoping to get more ideas for Style Inspirations.