Goblins handle your money, everything you could possibly need for any occasion is all located on a single alley and everybody you know is separated neatly into four categories. Sounds like a good life, right?

Now that Voldemort and his followers are finally gone, you are free to get married in the Harry Potter universe without the threat of Death Eaters storming your reception. In honor of such an occasion, I’ve come up with a bridal style to complement a Harry Potter theme! Harry Potter Bridal Style

This beautiful, classy gown was designed by Alfred Angelo. For a Harry Potter theme, I thought a bride should make sure to not be too revealing in what she wears, as that’s not really the style of any characters in the series. I love the vintage detail in the lace, especially considering that the Harry Potter universe basically lives in the 1800’s without electricity. Finally, I liked that it had the sheer sleeves, because not only does it add a bit of class to the gown, it also mimics the sleeves Fleur Delacour wore for her own wedding in the final book! Alfred Angelo has boutiques in Glen Allen and Springfield, and his designs can be found in many locations all over the state!

The bouquet, done by Palette of Petals located in Virginia Beach, is perfectly fitting for a Harry Potter bride! I didn’t like the idea of having too many bright colors located in the bouquet itself, because the overall look of the series is more muted than colorful. All of the feathers are perfect, just in case you need to remember Hedwig on your big day. Another idea is to put wood pieces on the handle to represent wands!

Some purple is needed at a Harry Potter-themed wedding. When not talking specifically about any of the houses, purple is the color used to represent Hogwarts. That’s why I loved these shoes. They are simple enough to not grab too much attention from the rest of the wedding, but still have enough sparkle to them to be your “something magical.” (New trend, anyone?) These shoes can be found online at Zappos.

The hair piece was something I found online, but I thought a feather headpiece that didn’t resemble something from the 1920s was needed in this style. (Don’t worry, we’ll have time for that era later. Who wants a Great Gatsby wedding?). This piece, from Bella-Tiara, adds just that little touch to bring more to your look, but not take too much away from your veil and dress.

Finally, the earrings. Just in case later in the day you feel the need to relive the moment you become husband and wife, you’ll have these nifty time-turner earrings! The earrings are replicas of the time-turner necklace Hermione wore in the third movie. These can be found at the online Harry Potter Shop.


I hope you take some inspiration from the series that inspired entire generations! Keep following our blogs, and come back next Friday to see tips on dressing your bridal party after J.K. Rowling’s epic series!

Mischief managed.

The author: Beth Wertz

Beth graduated from James Madison University in 2014 with a degree in journalism. Most of her spare time is spent looking at wedding dresses and watching Netflix, hoping to get more ideas for Style Inspirations.
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