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Happy 4th of July!


Hey Everyone! We hope you had an amazing 4th of July. We sure did! Here are some things that we got into this weekend at Gwynn’s Island!


4th of July Strawberries!

You can literally do this for any occasion. Obviously, we had a reason to choose these colors but you can do this for a birthday or christmas and it’s super easy!

What you need!


-White chocolate chips OR bark

-Sprinkles (We used the fine sugar sprinkles to give it more color but you can use any that you would like!)


What to do:

-Wash Strawberries and lightly dry with a towel

-Microwave chocolate ( Make sure to stop and stir the chocolate every 20 to 30 seconds or else it may burn!)

-Dip strawberries in the chocolate

-Dip the strawberries in the sprinkles

-Let cool for 30 minutes


This is super easy and we had so much fun making them. There was a ton of laughter!!!! Here is another couple of shots to what we were up to this weekend!



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