Last week, we got a great response to the bridal look for The Great Gatsby! I’m excited to bring to you the bridal party look for the iconic story by F. Scott Fitzgerald!

Gatsby Bridal Party

As always, we’ll start with the dress. This dress is from House of Fraser. What I really wanted for a Gatsby bridesmaid was a dress that embodied the basic look of a flapper girl in the 1920s: dropped waist, beading and not too tight to the curves. It’s really easy to find an over-the-top flapper dress online, but I wanted it to be very subtle. The bridal dress used in the brides’ look was flashy and very true to the theme, so it would be too much to have the bridesmaids do the same. And I love this color for a Gatsby wedding!

The bouquet is the same bouquet from the bridal look. I still love the added brooches and pearls to add to that vintage look! You’d obviously want an understated version for the girls you choose to stand next to you, so talk to your florist about finding out what’s right for you!

The headpiece is a must for a Gatsby theme! Because the dress is a subtle hint to the 1920s, feel free to glam up your girls a little bit more with things like this headpiece from Etsy.  It’s a cute addition that’ll look stunning in your photos!

The shoes are simple Mary Janes from Unique Vintage. Normally, I like to give a bit of a statement with the shoes, but since we already had the headpiece for that in the bridesmaids, I like the idea of going very simple here. These were typical in the 1920s (plus, they’re great for dancing!) so they fit the theme in more ways than one!

The earrings are from Loverly! I love that they aren’t too over the top, especially since they’ll be sitting so close to the headpiece. They still have that retro look to them, especially with the bold lines. They will look great on any girl!

The book and movie were both found on Amazon, and are here because I thought they’d make perfect bridesmaid gifts! Even if they already have the movie, they should be given the opportunity to read the book if they haven’t already! (P.S. I have, and it’s great!) Consider adding these as part of your thank you gift to your girls, and they’ll be doing the Charleston before you know it!


Next week, I’ll be back with ideas for the reception and ceremony! I already have quite a lot of great ideas for this, so I hope you all will come back to see it! Keep an eye out on our blogs for more great ideas for your wedding!




The author: Beth Wertz

Beth graduated from James Madison University in 2014 with a degree in journalism. Most of her spare time is spent looking at wedding dresses and watching Netflix, hoping to get more ideas for Style Inspirations.

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