After how popular the Great Gatsby series was, I really thought it would be hard to top it. I thought I’d have to seriously up my game, and that it would probably take awhile to do so.

But this Game of Thrones bridal look is my favorite one I’ve done! I can only hope that you beautiful Virginia brides feel the same way.


This dress, from Justin Alexander, was a tough choice. But I’m so glad I found it because once I decided on the dress, the rest of the elements just started to fall into place. Isn’t that always how wedding planning goes? The cap sleeves remind me of the sort of dress the Margaery Tyrell always likes to wear. If you pay attention, she tends to wear a lot of cap sleeve dresses with A-line skirts and a lot of detail on the bodice. And since her’s was my favorite wedding in the show so far (that may or may not be because of what happened to Joffrey…), I really wanted this bridal look to begin with her. I love everything about this dress for a Game of Thrones wedding, and luckily for you gorgeous Virginians, Justin Alexander gowns can be found in multiple locations all over the state!

The necklace was sort of a lucky find. I was thinking about the type of jewelry the women wear, and of course I started with Margaery. However, Margaery doesn’t seem to like jewelry too much. Cersei, on the other hand, does. She likes to wear large, statement pendants that capture attention and complement her personality perfectly. This necklace, from The Museum Store Company, does a great job using both the colors from the wedding and elements from the show. The lion is the symbol of the House of Lannister, and the color will match the bouquet in a way I couldn’t have even planned on my own!

I absolutely adore this bouquet from Daevid’s located in Norfolk. The old looks of the dark roses encapsulates the feel of Game of Thrones perfectly. And as I mentioned in the bridal party look from last week, the deep red flowers will complement the bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly if you choose the cranberry color swatch! (I like to come full circle).

I usually like to try different elements with each series, and this time, I chose to pick a hairstyle for Game of Thrones. I love this hairstyle because so many of the women in this show have long hair to play with and braids are a fairly common theme. This hairstyle is subtly braided and curled in a way that I think is amazing, and the over-the-shoulder look completes that look so well. I got it from a website called Praise Wedding. However, since most women I know do not have hair quite that long, consider adding braids and curls in a different way. Many of the women have connecting braids on the back of their head, and that would be a cute thing to consider for those with medium-length hair!

Honestly, I found this ring while looking for something else entirely. It kind of snuck up on me. But I’m really glad it did! It’s from Luisaviaroma. I love the idea of wearing a castle on your hand for Game of Thrones, because, let’s face it: everybody wants to be the royal family in that show! While I don’t recommend hosting your wedding in King’s Landings (too many attacks and brothels to worry about!), wearing an idea of it on your finger is perfectly fun and acceptable, as well as stylish!

You may have noticed I saved one of the biggest aspects for last. This shawl is what pulls the look together, and I found it at Etsy! The fur is both a perfect example of that grey color we talked about in the rest of the series being one of the colors, as well as being a good example of the types of furs you see people wearing near the Wall. Since a Game of Thrones wedding is great to take place near the end of the fall season (since winter is coming!), a fur shawl is so great for both style and practicality. This aspect of the bridal look is probably my favorite! I love the idea of wearing fur over your dress in the cold weather, especially a non-white one!


I hope you loved hanging out in the Westeros for the past few weeks as much as I have! I’m still debating between a few ideas to start with for next week, but if you have any, please let us know by commenting or telling us on Facebook! Please like on the bottom of the page (it makes me happy), and make sure to keep reading our blogs!

The author: Beth Wertz

Beth graduated from James Madison University in 2014 with a degree in journalism. Most of her spare time is spent looking at wedding dresses and watching Netflix, hoping to get more ideas for Style Inspirations.
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