Welcome back to the Westeros, Virginia brides! Today, I’ll show you some great ways to style your wedding party after HBO’s hit show, Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones 2 Bridal Party

I toyed with a few different dresses, saving a few to look at later. Then, I went back and just looked around some more. I found this one completely unexpectedly and I’m glad I did! The top reminds me of the swords that make up the throne in King’s Landing. Unfortunately, the website I got it from (JLM Couture) doesn’t let you see the dress in the different swatches are available, but two of the available colors would work in this case! In my ceremony and reception article, I mentioned I that I think good colors would be grey, blue, and that dark, red burgundy color. Both of these dress swatches would work with that theme – the dress comes in many other colors, but I love either the turquoise or the cranberry pictured here. You can decide which color you’d like to feature more of. Either would work perfectly for a GoT wedding, but I suggest using the cranberry swatch, and you’ll see why next week when I show you my bridal style!

I really love the idea of having an all-white bouquet for the bridesmaids. I want the bride to stand out fantastically in this wedding, and especially if you choose to go with the red dresses, I’d like to bouquets to make less of a statement before it goes overboard. This bouquet is from Bunches Direct, and is only made up of white roses. Any of our wonderful Virginia florists would consider that child’s play for what they are capable of, and therefore would be very easy to incorporate into your own wedding!

I considered having statement shoes – you know, ones that look extremely sexy and dangerous, much like the show itself. But I changed my mind. I think these very simple shoes are just perfect. The dress is sexy on its own, and I don’t want the shoes to take up too much of the attention when there is going to be so much else going on at a GoT wedding (such as the bride’s look!). Plus, I had to consider the fact that they dress is long, and therefore statement shoes wouldn’t be seen quite as much. These adorable shoes, from DSW, would be easy for your girls to wear throughout the day, something they’ll thank you for later!

The dragon pendant is the official House of Targaryen symbol, and comes as a necklace from the HBO Store! They also had a direwolf necklace, but I thought this fit in with the overall message of the wedding a little better. Daenerys is easily one of the show’s most popular characters, and one of the only remaining Targaryens (although I’ll always just call her Khaleesi – she’ll always be Khal Drogo’s wife to me!) She’s strong, independent, intelligent – everything I know all of you beautiful women are. If you want a House to capture for your wedding, it’s her’s.

To go along with this, I also suggest this wine glass with the House of Targaryen symbol, also from the HBO Store. We already discussed having wine at this wedding, so give your girls something great to drink it out of! This would make a great bridesmaid gift!

And last, but certainly not least, something I do usually do: an accessory for the groomsmen. I found this direwolf bowtie on Etsy, and I honestly just think it’s so perfect! It’s grey, so it fits with the color scheme as well as encapsulates the theme so perfectly! Plus, it’s not really girly in any way, so you won’t hear much grumbling on the other side of the altar (which is always a plus!).

I’m really excited to do the bridal style next week! If anyone has suggestions, feel free to comment here for me! You can also tweet and Facebook Virginia Bride and Virginia Wedding Locations to tell us what you think! Please like the page here if you love Game of Thrones and being a Virginian bride! I will be back next Friday with a bridal style that will blow Margaery Tyrell’s out of the water!

The author: Beth Wertz

Beth graduated from James Madison University in 2014 with a degree in journalism. Most of her spare time is spent looking at wedding dresses and watching Netflix, hoping to get more ideas for Style Inspirations.
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