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Fall Wedding Palettes To Fall in Love With

Recent weather and the harvest moon may be moving many people to decide on a fall wedding, especially an outdoor wedding. It is a gorgeous time with a gorgeous color palette.

Pumpkin and Antique White


Beyond the obvious and appealing pumpkin orange, no one should stop there when there are so many other colors to be inspired by.

Splash of Turquoise


You can kick up some drama with a splash of turquoise.  How can this be part of a fall color palette?  Just look up at the sky.  It belongs to all seasons.  Tiffany and Wedgwood blue are also beautiful contenders for this sort of drama.  It will make your wedding stylish and edgy, especially if it is popping out from behind antique whites, harvest oranges, or shades of plum.

Plum Perfect


And plum is perfect when paired with any other color from the fall palette.  It is a delicious alternative to berries which will be right around the corner at Christmas time.

Crush on Cranberry


Don’t wait till Christmas to pass the cranberries, because cranberry would be beautiful either accenting your fall wedding or as part of the main feast of colors.  Choose to tuck it into flowers or decide to make it one of the colors in sashes and ribbons.  It will pop just like the berries do on their vines as they begin to rust in the fall evening chills.

Sage Advice


And it is sage advice to begin using the wisest of all herbs, sage, with all its mature, rusting colors.  It is a green that can be used without appearing to be a typical Christmas green.  And speaking of Christmas with cocoa as a favorite treat, cocoa should be a color to consider, along with coffee, for your fall wedding.

Coffee and Cocoa Addictions


Whether you are sipping coffee and cocoa to stay a little warmer or you just can’t get by without an infusion of caffeine, you can’t help but realize that fall, coffee, and cocoa are made for each other.  And brown is really back in town for any season, but in a fall wedding you can definitely use it whether you want to go for a rustic burlap fabric or a rich, dark chocolate satin.  Pair it with any of the aforementioned colors.  It will be a hit.

Dare to be Different


Whatever pallet you choose, dare to be different.  Cornflower blue will jump out from cranberry and merlot.  Wasabi green will thrill people when it is paired with oranges and creamy whites.  And a glossy, dark chocolate brown will give purples and antique whites a grounding backdrop.

Bright Day or Night


And if you are heartbroken trying to decide, remember a dramatic harlequin color palette which can run the gamut from squash flower yellow to pumpkin orange to plum purple to cranberry red with slashes of lime green could prove very fruitful.  It really is amazing how the bright, fall sunlight illuminates everything so that it glows.  Let your fall wedding glow and sparkle.

Just don’t go away thinking fall means colors need to be rusty and muted.  They can be bright and thrilling.

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The author: Dawn Van Ness

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