In honor of my excitement for the upcoming live-action Cinderella movie, I feel compelled to do a Cinderella theme! Go watch the YouTube trailer, and let me know if you’d like to catch the movie with me on the day it comes out. Trust me, I’ll be there.

Anyway, on to the theme. I’m working very hard to make sure this isn’t as cheesy as it obviously could be. I’m going for less singing mice, more classic elegance. Let’s leave the colors to the obvious: light blue, white and silver. Sounds boring, but you could do quite a lot with that!

Pumpkin Trail

I love this idea from ehow. What is so great about a Cinderella theme is that it’s perfect for a fall wedding, because you’re welcome to use as many pumpkins as you want, stay in season AND stay within your theme. Win, win, win. This is absolutely amazing, and your guests will be wow’ed as they walk around your site (we’ll get to where you’ll have this wedding soon!). A dream might be a wish that your heart makes, but it’s now officially one of my dreams to walk through this.

Pumpkin centerpiece

Speaking of pumpkins, how about some centerpieces? These exact ones, from, are a little big for a centerpiece, but I love the idea of having some miniature ones on each table. The best part? Around fall, you could buy tons of little pumpkins in bulk at places like Michael’s and then DIY for the jewels. Get your girls together, and pull off some bibbidi boppity boo of your own! Note: Virginia Bride does not supply fairy godmothers for your pumpkin centerpiece needs. We apologize.


I LOVE these chair decorations from Want That Wedding! Tulle is such an easy and obvious choice for your chairs in this theme. Cinderella’s dress is full of it, and even better, it’s cheap! The brooches are adorable as well. My advice? Hit up some thrift and antique stores in your area to find old but pretty brooches and mix and match them around your venue on the chairs. You’ll have some variety, and they’ll all look gorgeous!

Cinderella Cake

What I love about this cake, from Buzzfeed, is that it has the obvious connotation of Cinderella and Disney, but isn’t overly cheesy. In fact, it’s amazingly gorgeous. Cinderella herself would have been proud to share this with her own prince at the ball. The jewels in between the layers just add that touch of glitz and glam that makes it stand out!

John Marshall Ballroom

John Marshall Ballroom

For the venue, a ballroom is the obvious choice. I suggest the John Marshall Ballrooms located in Richmond. The pictures are examples of the ballroom through Superlative Events. The ballroom itself can accommodate a large wedding should you choose, and the lighting shown here, along with the wall accents, are perfect for a Cinderella theme. You’ll be dancing the night away in style right up until you flee to the honeymoon suite at midnight!

Oh, and for when you leave:

Cinderella Carriage
Photo credit unavailable. If you know where this is from, let us know!

It’s required. You’ll never have another reason to ride away in a Cinderella carriage, and you know you’ve always wanted to. Or is that just me?

What do you all think? Would you try a Cinderella theme? Or the better question, do you think you could convince your own prince charming to do it? Leave comments below and make sure to click “like” at the bottom so I know you’ve been here! Make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to see even more amazing ideas for your Virginia wedding!

The author: Beth Wertz

Beth graduated from James Madison University in 2014 with a degree in journalism. Most of her spare time is spent looking at wedding dresses and watching Netflix, hoping to get more ideas for Style Inspirations.
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