Happy Monday! Having trouble deciding what to write for your big speech moment? Don’t worry — many people do! It’s difficult to put your friendship into words and make it entertaining for your audience. If you’re having flashbacks to that time in high school when you passed out because you couldn’t remember the beginning to your speech on the American Revolution, check out our 5 tips to shining during your big moment!

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1. Don’t Procrastinate

Don’t be like me for my sister’s wedding. I wrote my speech in the car on the way back from her rehearsal dinner (sorry Callie!), and spent that whole night stressing about how I was going to actually say it all once it was written. Don’t do that to yourself! Start it about three weeks before the big day. This way you have time to look back and edit it if you don’t like something and ask for opinions if you feel like you need them.

2. Practice

You may have read your speech about a thousand times, but you’ll never know how it sounds unless you read it out loud. That’s when you’ll catch phrases that don’t roll off the tongue as easily as they seem to on paper. Practice your pauses, too!

3. Don’t Compete

If the best man is a goofy person all around, chances are his speech is going to be goofy as well. But don’t feel the need to make it a competition! If you’re not a comedian, don’t try to force yourself to be one. It’s perfectly fine to have a more heartfelt speech than a funny one. You may even balance each other out!

4. Don’t Alienate Your Audience

You may want to use a bunch of inside jokes you have from your days with the bride in college, but remember that this speech is being said to everyone at the wedding, not just to the bride and groom. It’s fine to keep a few in there, but make sure a majority of the speech is relevant to everybody in the room.

5. Remember Parental Guidance

You might know the funniest story of the bride, the groom, or both of them together, but if it’s something they’d rather not have their entire family know, leave it out. This is their day to celebrate and you shouldn’t make them have to explain that time they drank way too much and made bad life choices when they were 19.

And don’t forget to end with a toast to the new couple!


What are some of your own tips to writing the speech? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to “like” so we know you’ve been here!

The author: Beth Wertz

Beth graduated from James Madison University in 2014 with a degree in journalism. Most of her spare time is spent looking at wedding dresses and watching Netflix, hoping to get more ideas for Style Inspirations.
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