Brides are always wondering what the pros and cons are of hiring a videographer and whether it’s worth it for your wedding. We chatted with Zach Boyd and Andrew Eckhoff of Something Blue Films from Lynchburg so you can hear straight from the professionals!

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Boyd and Eckhoff think the most important reason to hire a videographer is so you can capture the moments. “A lot of people are busy running through the day and they don’t get to see much,” says Boyd. Hiring a videographer can minimize the risk of missing things because they will make sure to get all of those little things you might not have even noticed. “We shoot very candidly, so it’s more like we’re not there,” Boyd adds.

While photography is a very important part of your wedding, as well, hiring a videographer in addition can bring those moments alive for you later. “You really get to relive the day as opposed to photos which are just snapshots,” says Eckhoff.

Most importantly, choosing a vendor for any part of your wedding is a tough choice, and it’s always better to look for someone who really loves what they do. That’s something you’ll definitely find if you choose Something Blue Films. “I think my favorite part is seeing people get choked up and you get to see the tears [and] see those moments of waterworks coming out,” says Boyd. Some of their favorite parts to film are the father-daughter dance, good speeches and the vows. The pair is willing to travel around in order to be your wedding videographer!


Something Blue Films was just one of the many vendors we had to pleasure of hosting at the Greater Virginia Bridal Show this Sunday. To meet more vendors in Virginia, make sure to come by the bridal show in Fredericksburg this coming Sunday and see how these people can make your wedding the day you’ve always dreamed of.

The author: Beth Wertz

Beth graduated from James Madison University in 2014 with a degree in journalism. Most of her spare time is spent looking at wedding dresses and watching Netflix, hoping to get more ideas for Style Inspirations.