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Bridal Basics – Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

The age-old wedding question: is it worth it to hire a wedding planner for your big day? Pam Parker from Simply Perfect Weddings & More says yes!

Simply Perfect Weddings & More Photo: Simply Perfect Weddings & More


“The biggest reason someone should hire a wedding planner is to save money,” says Pam.

Wedding planners are able to take your budget and make the most out of it, using experience and their connections to get you the best price and the best vendors available. “It allows you to take whatever you have a create a beautiful wedding,” says Pam.

Worried about putting part of your budget to a planner? Don’t stress about it. “The level of service depends on the budget,” says Pam. Meet with a planner, tell them your budget up front, and they will work out a plan for what they are able to do for you within those confines.

Wedding planners will take your vision and make it a reality, and are there to help you keep to your budget, not break it. Talk to a planner in your area to find out how it will work for your wedding!

The author: Beth Wertz

Beth graduated from James Madison University in 2014 with a degree in journalism. Most of her spare time is spent looking at wedding dresses and watching Netflix, hoping to get more ideas for Style Inspirations.
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