Bridal Ballerina Flats  Ashley R. Cottrell Sometimes wearing high heels can be a pain! Whether it’s holding up the hem of the gown, carefully ascending a staircase, or dodging every crack in the sidewalk, us women are consciously aware of areas most susceptible of tripping. Pumps and heels can also be pretty uncomfortable. For those of you who’d much rather avoid heels during your wedding or wedding receptions, ballerina flats are a great alternative. They’re graceful, yet comfortable, and perfect for any occasion. Below are a few ideas of cute bridal flats that can be hidden beneath the wedding dress, so no one will ever notice:   1.)   PEEK-A-BOO FLATS W/ WEDGE For $99, you can find these flats with a slight wedge for an imitation-heel look, without sacrificing the comfort. vbm bridal flats1     (Photo credit:   2.)   RHINESTONE FLATS Betsy Johnson has a nice bridal flat collection at Macys. This rhinestone pair is great for dancing in during the wedding reception, having rhinestones that add glitter and shine to your every step!   vbm bridal flats2     (Photo credit: 3.)   LACE FLATS These flats give a classy look, adding a pop of color to the white or ivory dress. They’re perfect for the bridal tradition of wearing “something blue.” vbm bridal flats3     (Photo credit:       –

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