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Avoiding Wedding Stress




-Ashley R. Cottrell, 9/9/14


As the wedding date slowly approaches, pressure starts to settle in and anxiety takes over: worrying about guest hotel reservations, paying the wedding planner, waiting for the wedding dress alterations, etc. Everything might not go according to plan, but why should that stop you from enjoying your day? For those of you who’ve watched the show Sex and the City, the wedding of character Charlotte York was a great example. It’s normal to want things over the top and extravagant on your wedding day, but not to the point that it distracts you from the most important fact: it’s only a wedding.


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Charlotte became so absorbed in her wedding day preparations that she couldn’t enjoy the actual ceremony. She was more focused on everything that was going wrong than the moment of becoming united with her husband. To Charlotte’s relief, there was no “bad luck” from the wedding and she and her husband experienced a long, happy marriage together. Taking a lesson from Charlotte, let’s remember that the wedding day is only the beginning. There is no need to stress over it if things don’t go according as planned. It’s the love and commitment that are being celebrated, and that’s all that matters.


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