I’m not going to lie – I’m watching the 2010 live-action Alice in Wonderland as I write this, and it’s such a great combination. I’d like to be the Mad Hatter’s best friend.

So far, we’ve gone over how your ceremony/reception and bridal party will look in an Alice in Wonderland wedding. Today, I’ll show you what you’ll be wearing!

Alice in Wonderland Bridal


This gown from Casablanca Bridal is such a great dress for an Alice in Wonderland wedding! I love how the lace gives it a vintage look and the tea length is perfect for an unbirthday tea party with the Mad Hatter. I love how the skirt has a slight hoop effect as well, like Alice’s dress does (in both the animated and at the beginning of the live-action version).

This bouquet from FTD is such a great detail that will catch your guests’ attention and remind them of such a whimsical part from the films — painting the roses red! While our main color is still going to be blue, I love the idea of that pop of red showing up. Plus, not many people will have a unique bouquet like this one!

Just like I loved the Mad Hatter ring we used for the bridal party, I love the softer effect this teapot ring from Etsy gives to the bride. You’ll definitely love seeing this on your hand throughout the festivities (although maybe not as much as a few other rings…). It’ll look great in pictures as well!

These doorknob earrings from Etsy are such a great detail! They’re subtle and fun and just as whimsical as the rest of the theme, which is one of my favorite aspects of this film. You might have to drink a special potion to fit through the door they lead you through, but at least you already have the key!

This special, vintage Alice garter from Etsy is perfect for your wedding! I love the color of the ribbon and the white rabbit charm attached is a great addition. Hopefully it will inspire you to not be late for your own very important date!

I really wanted a clutch for this wedding, because I’m a huge fan of having something to hold necessities around your reception with you. This Alice in Wonderland clutch from Etsy is perfect! It’s big enough to hold your phone or anything else you deem important, and will look adorable next to all of the other vintage aspects of your look.

These absolutely adorable shoes from ModCloth are going to be such a great addition to your look! A tea-length gown almost screams for a vintage shoe to go with it, and these fit the bill and add that pop of the main wedding color that this look needs.


I hope you all love this look as much as I do! Come back next Friday for our next theme, which I think everyone is going to love. Comment with your own thoughts and remember to click “like!”

The author: Beth Wertz

Beth graduated from James Madison University in 2014 with a degree in journalism. Most of her spare time is spent looking at wedding dresses and watching Netflix, hoping to get more ideas for Style Inspirations.