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3,2,1! Happy New Year’s Wedding!

How fun would a New Year’s wedding be?!  Here are some of the best ideas from around the web!

You May Kiss the Bride at Midnight

Could you kiss at midnight and have everyone throw glittering gold and silver confetti?  Then have everyone dance, smile, kiss, and wish everyone “Happy New Year!”  It would be beautiful.  I can completely visualize how perfect and optimistic this could be for the whole party.

Noisemaker Boutonnieres

Get some silver and gold noisemakers and add a few pieces of heather and a little fern tied with satin, and you have some sweet, New Year’s Eve boutonnieres.

New Year’s Wedding Invitations


Send your envelope with a handful of packaged glitter.  Large confetti with shapes is easy to clean up.  Small glitter gets everywhere.  Choose wisely.

Mini Champagne Bottles

Yes, they exist!  You can send people home with a toast of champagne for each and everyone.  Think of making them cute and customized.

Gold Cake


We’ve seen plenty of cakes, but a gold cake would be amazing and stunning! Think of a glittering gold effect.  It is amazing what cake designers can make.

Champagne Towers


You don’t have to have one tremendous tower, but a manageable one at the head table would be a fun bit of ceremony!

Confetti Popper Noise Makers


They might be loud, and they might be messy, but they are so much fun!  You can stock tables with them at the reception or have a suitable number of people with them at the ceremony!   I’ve seen where handles are put on them.  Dressed in gold and silver or in black tie, they look beautiful in small bouquets in vases filled with beaded gold garland.

Antique Alarm Clocks as Decoration


You can stock each table with centerpieces done around vintage clocks.  Should you set the alarms?  That might be a little too startling!  But maybe it would be fun and almost a game.  Who can shut them off the fastest?  Who set the snooze?

Excuse for All Things Sequined and Metallic


From bridesmaid dresses to sashes to tablecloths, a New Year’s wedding is a great legitimate excuse to do all things in gold, silver, sequin, and metallic.   How many opportunities do we have to throw a large scale party that has all the elements of a New Year’s Eve bash?  For many, weddings are like proms.  We only get one or two.

Party All Night

Sunrise. Enjoying a glass of champagne at Ortely Beach on the Jersey Shore.

If you have a great time all night till the next morning, it could be that you will not only enjoy the whole next year as a married couple, but you could be  having fun your whole marriage long.  Just saying!

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