White Label Bridal Collection


The Kelsey Rose White Label bridal collection is showcased in the summer/fall issue of Virginia Bride. These exciting new designs offer  young and fresh look for all occasions- from a city chic affair to the perfect destination wedding dress at affordable prices.    

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Hadad’s Lake – Richmond, Virginia


  If you are looking for something fun to do this Labor Day- Hadad’s Lake in Richmond is offering a special rate on Monday- September 1st- just $10 for swimming, fishing, and many other recreational activities. Hadad’s has a great retro vibe and has been serving the Richmond area for 49 years! What a great […]

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Engagement Rings Create New Traditions

Throughout history, the engagement ring that accompanies the questions “will you marry me?” has become almost as significant of the life changing act of marriage itself. The engagement ring is worn as a symbol of love and commitment, but also that the significant other knows the taste of their partner. Displayed to all as the […]

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The Cost of a Wedding Dress

When guests attend a wedding, the bride’s dress and the cake are usually the most talked about items. But when brides-to-be go shopping for the perfect wedding gown for their big day, it’s easy for them to start asking, “Why does this dress cost so much?” Knowing what goes into the cost of a wedding […]

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Monograms for Your Wedding

Spread the cheer and share the joy. Go online with your monograms. But before you do that, you need to figure out the proper way of coming up with monograms for your wedding. Once you’ve learnt the secrets, you can start generating the special letters that symbolize the eternal love between your spouse and you. […]

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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Vendors

Have you recently gotten engaged and feeling anxious about how to find trusted wedding professionals? Did you know the people who you hire for your wedding will be responsible for your entire wedding day and making it memorable for your guests? The question many newly engaged couples have is where to find people who they […]

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